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Call Spoofing is on the rise!

August 05, 2018

Okay, let me start by saying I have NO PROOF it is on the rise, in general. But I guarantee it is on the rise with my inner circle of friends and family.

What is it? and how do you stop or limit it?

Spoofing is the masking of identity in communications, or simply falsifying of identity. I get calls all the time lately from numbers that look like my cell by area code and first 3 digits of the number, the only thing difference is the last four digits. Immediate reaction is to answer, as it may be a relative or close friend. After 2-3 of these you realize you won a lot of freevacations, OR other similar hoax. So your cell allows you to block that number. I do that, but there are 10,000 numbers in that range (minus the 5 in my circle who are already saved by name.)

Here are resources you can use.

$19.99 year but if you are getting inundated, this cost might be a wise choice for a year.


Truecaller App

Hiya App

Call Control App

They block call spam, robo calls, allow reverse lookups, etc. We will win the battle if we stick together and keep fighting the good fight. Keeping it short tonight. Getting ready for annual conference and hanging with 8,000 advisors and families. and industry talent.

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