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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Responses to Your Biggest Financial Questions

As part of our educational approach, we invite you to learn more about our tailored process and services. Here are some of the most frequently encountered questions we hear from clients like you.

What services do you provide as part of your process? 

🌟 We like to say we assist with anything that involves a dollar sign. Our firm believes in having a comprehensive financial plan and strategy to give direction to your finances. This plan includes, but is not limited to:

  • Investment Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Asset Allocation
  • Insurance
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Budgeting

How does your firm get paid?

💸 Our firm can be paid in a few different ways depending on the desired relationship. We offer:

  • Advisory: A percentage of assets under our management, ensuring advisor-client alignment.
  • Brokerage: Client-driven, with a commission for trades made by the client.
  • Fee for Service: For clients with limited needs, offering help with specific items without ongoing advice.

How much is the typical advisory fee?

💼 Our advisory fees start at about 1.3-1.5% and vary based on the complexities included in the relationship. Fees are on a tiered scale, decreasing as we manage more assets.

Don't I need a local advisor I can see regularly?

🌐 Our belief is that we can bridge the distance gap through our proactive approach. Financial planning doesn't require daily hands-on involvement. Low turnover and consistency are more crucial than physical proximity, especially in times like these.

Who is your typical client?

👥 Being a multigenerational office, we serve various client groups:

  • High-Net Worth Families: Specializing in generational wealth transfers.
  • Mass Affluent Retirees: Focusing on income strategies for retirement.
  • Young Accumulators: Helping the younger generation budget and plan for the future.

What does the new client onboarding process look like?

🤝 Our onboarding process involves an initial conversation to ensure a mutual fit. We gather qualitative and quantitative data once the fit is established, followed by setting up new accounts and beginning the planning process.

What are some ways you deliver value?

💡 Beyond just the bottom line, we deliver value by uncovering tax-saving strategies, managing behavioral finance, and incorporating various planning aspects. Our goal is to add value both inside and outside your investment portfolio.

What is your investment philosophy?

📈 We are contrarians to a degree, preferring to swim against the tide. Diversification is our key strategy for a stable long-term return, minimizing reliance on market timing.

Do I have a say in what is in my portfolio?

🤲 Clients maintain control of their assets. While we don't restrict client decisions, we aim to educate and make clients aware of the factors influencing decisions, such as risk.

Do you have account minimums?

💼 We take pleasure in helping people and have creative ways to serve clients. Our soft minimums are $500,000 for the general public, $250,000 for referrals, and $500 for young accumulators and children of clients.

Why do I need an advisor? What does an advisor do behind the scenes for me?

🤔 Advisors add value behind the scenes through vetting investments, researching laws, and overall planning and strategy. A well-constructed plan accounts for market volatility, providing peace of mind during downturns.

What does the overall relationship look like?

🔄 We view our relationships in two ways: collaborative and delegated. Collaborative clients meet bi-annually, while delegated clients have an annual strategy meeting. Both relationships involve constant plan updates as needed.

How often are my investments updated?

📊 The vetting of investments is ongoing, with quarterly portfolio rebalancing. We believe in diversification among asset classes and make adjustments based on changes in fund ideologies.

How is Wealth Navigation Advisors different from others in this field?

🌐 We are a multigenerational advisor office, providing multiple viewpoints and a familial approach. Acting as fiduciaries, we offer the highest levels of customer service, striving to treat clients as family.

Rebalancing may be a taxable event. Before you take any specific action be sure to consult with your tax professional.

A diversified portfolio does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.
Asset allocation is an investment strategy that will not guarantee a profit or protect you from loss.

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