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John’s Bold Predictions Before 2021 Ends

John’s Bold Predictions Before 2021 Ends

September 16, 2021

I bet you’re all wondering… What does the rest of 2021 look like?

Here’s a rundown:

  • There will be an NFL and NHL season- One already started!
  • The sun will rise in the east and set in the west. Unless you live in Anchorage…it’s a little tricky up there!
  • America wins! We have the resolve and wherewithal to GET IT DONE. Regardless of politics, we will work the problem and forge ahead.

I’ve said this many times, but every year I receive a “Mid-Year Outlook” from every company that I deal with and don’t deal with. Whether it's First Trust, Vanguard, Schwab, American Fund, Fidelity, broker-dealers, mutual fund companies, or wire houses- everybody's got an opinion on where things are going to go for the next 6 months.

When this rolls around, my favorite thing to do is to grab the ones from last year and the current year and seeing how they did. A year ago, when they were writing, it was still early COVID = world ending! They were right… for about 30 days. Then America worked the problem.  Even now, we’re still working the problem from the Delta variant, AND the variant of the 1918 Flu that we work through every year.

You already know that we don't like making predictions over short windows because, honestly- we really have no idea what's going to happen over the short term.

Media companies like Bloomberg, MSNBC and Fox Business are loaded daily with predictions that have literally nothing to do with your personal goals or plan. Did you hear that? Your personal goals and plans matter more than whatever CNBC has to say about retail numbers, energy sector projections, or the eleven tax proposals floating around DC. However, we do have good old science to tell us what's going to happen when we broaden the timeline to 6, 8, or even 15 years, etc.

If you're getting this email and you work with us, you already know that you’re positioned both offensively and defensively. If things continue to grow as they are, you’re positioned to take advantage of that growth. However, should the worm turn, you’re also positioned so that you don't need to worry about the short-term- whether it be downturns in stock markets, bond markets, utility regulations, oil & gas politics, etc.

Most importantly, we don't need to worry about the effects of the worldwide political/ global tensions picture. I’ve said this before and you will hear me say it again, but Apple did not get up today and cancel the production of the next iPhone because of some geo-political event. Even when the gas prices are up very high, I still put gas in my tank.

So, the message is twofold: Stick to a strategy. If you don't have a strategy, create one or find someone that can.

Thanks for listening.