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John's Thoughts on Taylor's CFP® Achievement

August 18, 2022

As many of you may know by now, Taylor has just achieved his "marks" and we have now increased our CFP® professionals by ONE! With a father’s pride, I can now say CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR! 

I consistently hear from so many of you that you already have as much confidence in Taylor as you do in me. So for most of you, this was just another step in his career- a box he checked that you were not requiring. We appreciate the confidence that you have been showing in him, and we especially thank the brilliant people we surround ourselves with. But for his mother and I, it is the satisfaction of knowing that Taylor is always willing to go to the crest when it comes to clients we serve.

Check out this video we put together to showcase my congratulatory message to Taylor:

Thank you all for supporting us during this journey. As a whole, we are proud to say that you will always have a CFP® professional on the other end of the line, or email when you and your loved ones need to weigh the pros and cons to make critical decisions for your financial future.

Have a great day!