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Some Advice for the Grads

August 08, 2022

You didn't ask...but I'm offering advice anyway.

I collected a lot of guidance from older clients and colleagues, maybe even your grandparents! 

Also, from personal experience. (translated... MISTAKES!) 

So, whether you’ve just graduated high school, college, or grad school...It's time to have fun! Yes, it’s time to work, but the work needs to be enjoyable. If you set a goal to “make a lot of money” you will be stressed, and likely very unhappy. But if you do something you enjoy, the money will follow, and if it doesn’t, at least you’ll still be happy!

Warren Buffett, the billionaire that is working today at 90+ years old, said: “It isn’t work if you skip to work with a smile.”

I just saw a TV special on Jeff Dunham, ventriloquist and comedian, and he said he “cannot believe he fills arenas with screaming fans, and all he does is what he has been doing since childhood. Having fun with his dolls.”

I’m in the same boat…retirement in 10-12 years will probably mean 4-5 day weekends, and 2-3 day work weeks…but Taylor will need to throw me out Thursday afternoon, because how much golf and hiking can one handle?

Not to mention, Luke Combs is a top-performing Country artist (artist of the year I believe). He penned a great song called Doin’ This. It’s quite inspirational if you can listen to it. He says that if he wasn’t filling stadiums playing his guitar, he would be at the corner bar, on a stool, playing that guitar for tips in a jar. The money eventually found him, but he had a deeper passion.

So, whether you landed a temporary job post-graduation, you are still searching 8 weeks out, or taking a gap year (not recommended)… remember, take the offer that FEELS GOOD for $5,000 less or whatever the math is. Thanks for listening, I’m sure everyone needs one more father/grandfather with ideas!