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Trying times.....

December 20, 2018

Back in January on my blog I quoted one of my favorite Warren Buffett quotes about stocks....but it was not that important then as we just had 15 positive months in a row. So now it's time to revisit those words:

" The stock market is the single greatest invention for transferring wealth from inpatientpeople to patientpeople."

Remember it is about your goals! If you have a short term financial goal, you should already have that in cash. A long term goal, does not need to respond to the white noise of Interest Rates, China, Border walls, etc. I went to the mall Saturday and it was packed. But more importantly people were buying stuff, not just looking. A recession will come, eventually. It doesn't appear from the mall and the restaurants that time is now. But even then, recessions and stock market corrections don't always go in lock step. We are in a correction now, and we know we aren't in a recession, as growth has risen not dropped the past 2 quarters.

The media wants you in a frenzy, don't let them do it. Have a Great Christmas and start to 2019!