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COVID-19- Our response

Client Centered

As I am sure you are all aware, Covid-19 has effected allow us in various ways. Like never before, gyms, salons and other leisure activities shut down. Cars were no longer on the streets and people began to be frightened. Paired with a large scale global pandemic came frightened investors resulting in a brief but steep market sell off, followed by an ensuing recession. At Wealth Navigation Advisors we from the start were deemed and essential service(Financial Services), along side first responders, grocery stores, and many others. If you fall under one of the essential categories we first and foremost would like to thank you for continuing to work day in and day out to help maintain some semblance of normalcy. If we are being completely forthright not much has changed for us through this pandemic. We fortunately were well set-up for social distancing in the office, and able to work almost business as normal from the start. I think it is however important to highlight a few of the changes we did have to make in response to Covid-19.

Virtual Meetings: Beyond being clients everyone is human and part of what we enjoyed most was getting to see our clients and talk about their Family, Goals and Finances. In response to the Pandemic we had to shift our meetings virtual, no travel around the country to visit our clients could take place and the Zoom meeting became part of our 'new normal' for the time being.

Client Contact: We have always tried to be very proactive about our client contact. In a global pandemic and election year speaking with all of our clients become that much more important to us. First and foremost we want to make sure everyone is doing ok and holding up alright through this strange year. We want to ensure all of our clients know we are there for them both in the human space and financial space.

Our Process: Our process has always strived to take the emotions out of investing. We always remain opportunistic, in looking for ways to bring value to our clients during the market down turns. We hear regularly, "It's different this time". And while the various events that have occurred in our over 30 years in business have often been different, the outcome is consistently the same, Process and Strategy are favored over Guessing and Timing based on emotions.